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Namesort icon Username Status Employer Title
Ceena Modarres CModarres Student University of Maryland, College Park Mr.
Cesare Pianese pianese Professional University of Salerno Full Professor
CHAITANYA CHAUHAN Chaits Student MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Condition Monitoring of Rotating Components
Chaldean Society Inc. Chaldean Society Professional Organization
Changfu Liu Changfu Liu Student The University of British Columbia student
Changning Li Changning Professional
Chao Chen chale.chen Student Engineer
Chao Hu huchaostu Professional Iowa State Univ. Assistant Professor web
Chao Jin jinco Professional CyberInsight VP of Technology R&D
Charles B. Cotton Bart Cotton Professional DATA POWER MONITORING CORP./INTELLIBATT FOUNDER web
Charles Crabb cfcrabb Professional LogTech, LLC Sr Systems Architect
Charles Dibsdale Billlocks Professional Cedibs Predictve Technologies Consulting Ltd MD
Charles Johnson, PE JTBMarine Professional JTB Marine Corporation President
Charles Mott cdmott Professional Complete Data Management Owner
Chayan Chakrabarti chayan Professional GE Staff Data Scientist
Chayan Mitra Chayan Mitra Professional General Electric Company Manager
CHEN CEN macchan Student Harbin Institute of Technology Ph.D. Candidate
Chen Linchevski clinchevski Professional Visual Process CEO
chen zewang enterchen Professional
Chenyu Liu z72335 Student KU Leuven PhD researcher

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