A Cryogenic Fluid System Simulation in Support of Integrated Systems Health Management

John P. Barber, Kyle B. Johnston, and Matthew Daigle
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Simulations serve as important tools throughout the design and operation of engineering systems. In the context of systems health management, simulations serve many uses. For one, the underlying physical models can be used by model-based health management tools to develop diagnostic and prognostic models. These simulations should incorporate both nominal and faulty behavior with the ability to inject various faults into the system. Such simulations can therefore be used for operator training, for both nominal and faulty situations, as well as for developing and prototyping health management algorithms. In this paper, we describe a methodology for building such simulations. We discuss the design decisions and tools used to build a simulation of a cryogenic fluid test bed, and how it serves as a core technology for systems health management development and maturation.

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health management system design
fault modeling
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Modeling and simulation
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