Fault Monitoring Techniques for Nuclear Components

Gee-Yong Park and Jung-Taek Kim
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Full Paper
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In this paper, we describe our studies for the development of an analysis algorithm and the application of a fault monitoring technique. The analysis algorithm presented in this paper is called the adaptive cone-kernel distribution (CKD) which is an improved version of the existing cone-kernel time frequency distribution. The cone length for time-frequency analysis is varied according to the type of a signal component and it is optimzied by the nomalized Shannon's entropy concept. This optimaizing method has a merit of computational efficiency other than existing optimization methods requiring a heavy computational load. For the application, the fault monitoring technique had been established and applied to identify the integrity of the agitator driving system used in the thermal chemical reduction reactor. In this fault monitoring techniques, the feature extraction for abnormal signal types is performed by the Wavelet signal decomposition and the fault identification is implemented based on the Fuzzy ARTMAP.

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Adaptive CKD
Fault Monitoring
Agitator Driving System
feature extraction
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Industrial applications
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