Towards a Capabilities Taxonomy for Prognostics and Health

Jeff Bird, Nancy Madge, and Karl Reichard
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ijphm_14_002.pdf229.83 KBJanuary 11, 2014 - 2:39am

Within the mandate of the PHM Society there is a strong emphasis to advance the domain of prognostics and health management (PHM). However, the practitioners within this multi-disciplinary domain use or could apply diverse science and engineering skills. This communication proposes the development of a classification or taxonomy for the skills needed for the PHM field. A structure and process is defined to ensure application to real needs by employers, practitioners and training developers. Preliminary results of the development of several subdomains within the PHM field are reported based on a workshop at the PHM 2012 conference. Steps for a way forward are proposed as well methods for interested parties to participate are suggested. The PHM Society Education and Professional Development Committee is coordinating actions to:
1. Prepare and circulate a Working Model of a PHM Capabilities Taxonomy- this communication document
2. Conduct Conference Workshops covering evolving issues and the taxonomy approach- planned for PHM 2013
3. Develop the inputs for the details for this taxonomy from subject matter experts
4. Compile sources for entry level skills
5. Compile courses available for transitions across competency levels from existing materials and programs in various organizations
6. Identify gaps in current post-secondary and graduate continuing education materials and opportunities
Linkages with the SAE HM-1 committee will ensure that this work is complementary. In the longer term, the PHM Society would work with appropriate organizations to develop needed materials and opportunities. In this direction, the PHM Society is establishing a comprehensive set of technical co-sponsorships with major organizations. Interested parties are invited and encouraged to contribute by participating through the mechanisms suggested.

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competency levels
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Standards and methodologies
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