A Certifiable Approach towards Integrated Solution for Aircraft Readiness Management

Partha Pratim Adhikari, Dhaval Makhecha, and Matthias Buderath
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phmce_14_017.pdf793.53 KBJune 10, 2014 - 5:25am

Aircraft readiness management plays pivotal role for aviation authorities to enhance mission availability, reliability and reduce maintenance cost. This has been the focus area of the industry for many years now. This paper focuses on developing an approach for maximizing the aircraft readiness based on the Aircraft Health Assessment and a novel approach for Maintenance Planning. An integrated solution using results from PHM functions has been proposed. The concept is based on the condition based mission planning, operational risk assessment, maintenance planning and supply chain management. Also an insight is provided into the systematic approach to derive maintenance strategy leading towards certification. Although, the solution can be used for both commercial and military aviation, the focus in this paper is on implementation for military platforms. Details on implementation are discussed in brief and the results of this implementation on some hypothetical scenarios are presented. The results outline the effectiveness of the approaches in improving the aircraft readiness.

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condition based maintenance (CBM)
Readiness Mangement
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CBM and informed logistics
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