Prognostic and energy efficiency: survey and investigations

Anh Hoang, Phuc Do, Benoit Iung, Eric Levrat, and Alexandre Voisin
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Full Paper
phmce_14_084.pdf1.07 MBJune 6, 2014 - 1:48am

The paper presents firstly an overview of various definitions/concepts of energy efficiency and their related applications in different contexts, especially in industrial sectors. Each definition/concept is analyzed and recommended for different decision-making levels. Then a multi-level approach is described in detail for evaluating energy efficiency index of an industrial process. In addition, the paper discusses potential prognostic approaches in order to forecast energy efficiency index by underlining difficulties and opportunities to implement such approaches. Finally, a specific example based on an air-fan system is introduced to illustrate energy efficiency concepts and the added value of the prognostics to predict energy efficiency evolution.

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energy efficiency
Remaining energy-efficient lifetime (REEL)
Energy audit
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Health management system design and engineering
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