Wireless Modular System for Vessel Engines Monitoring, Condition Based Maintenance and Vessel’s Performance Analysis

Serafeim Katsikas, Dimitrios Dimas, Aggelos Defigos, Apostolos Routzomanis, and Konstantina Mermikli
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Circumstances in shipping have rapidly changed within the past few years. The large increase of fuel cost, the decrease in the price of fares, the rapid progress in telecommunications, the crew reduction per vessel, the new environmental restrictions and the reinforcement of Green Shipping significance are facts that make remote monitoring and the evaluation of the vessel engines’ performance an imperative need. The challenges occurring from changing the typical vessel engine monitoring and maintenance model are many, such as: equipment installation on moving vessels, lack of long-term vessel availability, experienced and trained crew being on land, many different types or ages of vessel and vessel manufacturers.An extremely advantageous solution with proven positive results for this specific matter is the use of monitoring systems consisting of wireless smart sensors. These systems provide flexibility, adaptability, scalability and easy installation. The only system of this kind available in the global market, adjusted for Shipping and specifically for monitoring vessel engines, is the LAROS platform by NOMIA S.A. (member of Prisma Electronics SA).In this paper we will present the current status of maintenance in maritime vessels and the abovementioned new innovative remote monitoring of a vessel’s operational status electronic platform, which can greatly reduce the operational costs, enhance the operational vessel status and ensure the high quality of service a maritime company provides, as well as improve its environmental policy. Moreover, a case study of performance analysis regarding a vessel with the LAROS platform on board will be presented, showing the possibilities and the dynamics of vessel performance monitoring.

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Engine Performance
wireless sensor networks
Novelty Detection
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CBM and informed logistics
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