Development of Diagnostics & Prognostics for Condition-Based Decision Support

Heiko Mikat, Antonino-Marco Siddiolo, and Matthias Buderath
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The market for civil and military aerospace applications shows an increasing demand for service-based contracting ("Performance Based Contracting" - PBC). These contractual-concepts are based on guaranteed performance indicators over a fixed period, enabling a share of the financial risk between the system provider and the operator. The realization of efficient condition monitoring capabilities and reliable prognostics for prediction of spares and personnel demands has been identified as one key enabling factor for a successful implementation of PBC-concepts. To ensure an optimal incorporation of the diagnostic & prognostic functions needed for this purpose, the integration has to be considered as a standard design task during the development and certification phase, rising the need to adapt existing development processes. This adaption includes the extension of certification guidelines, definition of dedicated requirements and realization of innovative verification strategies. During the last years Airbus Defence & Space was working on the definition of a development process for integration of an innovative health management strategy into new aircraft systems to support condition-based operations. Following a summary of condition monitoring and prognostic techniques, selected requirements and guidelines for development of diagnostic & prognostic functions will be presented and discussed.

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condition-based maintenance
Automated Decision Support
Autonomous Logistics
Health Management Systems
Prognostic Information Management
diagnostics and prognostics
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CBM and informed logistics
Health management system design and engineering
Systems and platform applications
Verification and validation
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