Towards the Industrial Application of PHM: Challenges and Methodological Approach

Antonio J Guillén López, Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Juan Fco Gómez Fernández, and Alejandro Guerrero Bolaños
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The diagnosis and prognosis capabilities are the key points of PHM (Prognosis Health Management) research. Most of the endeavor and investment are being oriented to get and improve these capabilities: new sensors, measurement techniques, communication/data solutions, detection algorithms, decision algorithms and reliability calculate tools. Nowadays it is actually possible take advantage of these capabilities to improve systems operation and maintenance. In spite of this, massive industrial application is still far away. Many of industrial sectors barely have heard about of PHM and its potential, or only have introduced classical CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) tools -vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography- to specific and local maintenance applications.
In this paper a comprehensive understanding of the problem of transferring PHM into industrial environments and its relevance is introduced. It's also argued the need of develop a methodological approach as a key point for getting a broad applying of PHM-based solutions. To do this, the main challenges to be addressed are listed and analyzed.

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PHM industrial applications
PHM methodologies
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Industrial applications
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