Online Model-based Diagnosis for Multiple, Intermittent and Interaction Faults

Lukas Kuhn, Johan de Kleer, and Juan Liu
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phmc_09_40.pdf308.51 KBSeptember 15, 2009 - 2:05pm

This paper extends model-based diagnosis (MBD) (Reiter87,deKleer87) to systems which convert, move and process material. Examples of such systems are printers, refineries and food processing plants. Such plants present two challenges to model-based diagnosis: (1) the plant may process 100s-1000s of items per minute so retaining full details of behavior of all past objects is impractical, and (2) complex multi-way interactions can occur among components operating on the same object. We address the first challenge by synopsizing past behavior in a data structure of fixed size. We address the second challenge by introducing the notion of interaction fault which represents the situation where a set of components operating on the same object damage the object even though each component alone produces no noticeable damage. Introducing interaction faults is much simpler than introducing fine-grained models of component-object interactions. We demonstrate the approach on a highly redundant printer.

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artificial intelligence
diagnostic algorithm
diagnostic performance
fault adaptive controls
fault detection
fault diagnosis
fault-tolerant control
model based diagnostics
model-based methods
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