Interactive Multiple-Model Application for Hydraulic Servovalve Health Monitoring

Wlamir O. L. Vianna and Takashi Yoneyama
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phmc_15_015.pdf306.44 KBAugust 7, 2015 - 9:13am

Hydraulic systems are widely used as power source for several different applications. Servovalves are critical components and often subjected to failures. Estimating degradations from these components requires dynamic analysis of their behavior and consequently advanced monitoring techniques. This article proposes an on line monitoring method to estimate a degradation parameter of the servovalve using an interactive multiple-model technique considering a bank of Extended Kalman Filters that models not only the valve itself but also the degradation trend. A single failure mode was considered related to the nozzle line clogging. The degradation estimates and the likelihood of the correctness of each model were analyzed in order to evaluate the proposed method.

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Component-level PHM

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