A Review of Prognostics and Health Management for Power Semiconductor Modules

Nicolas Degrenne, Jeffrey Ewanchuk, Erwan David, Roman Boldyrjew, and Stefan Mollov
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Full Paper
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In this paper, a review of current techniques used in the prognostics and state-of-health monitoring for power semiconductor modules is provided. Given the increasing trend in power modules having a larger share of the power electronic market, understanding their lifetime limitations is critical to improving the life-cycle cost of the power electronic product. Hence, this paper reviews common failure mechanisms in power modules and the state-of-art in predicting the lifetime of the module based on a given mission profile. Prognostics are reviewed in terms of stress-based and condition monitoring-based methods, while the potential of prognostics is presented for applications that utilize power modules.

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on-line condition monitoring
Power semiconductor modules
Power electronics
Asset management
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Component-level PHM
Health management system design and engineering
Industrial applications
PHM for electronics
Standards and methodologies
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