Real-time Prognostics of a Rotary Valve Actuator

Matthew Daigle
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phmc_15_023.pdf2.1 MBJuly 28, 2015 - 11:57am

Valves are used in many domains and often have system-critical functions. As such, it is important to monitor the health of valves and their actuators and predict remaining useful life. In this work, we develop a model-based prognostics approach for a rotary valve actuator. Due to limited observability of the component with multiple failure modes, a lumped damage approach is proposed for estimation and prediction of damage progression. In order to support the goal of real-time prognostics, an approach to prediction is developed that does not require online simulation to compute remaining life, rather, a function mapping the damage state to remaining useful life is found offline so that predictions can be made quickly online with a single function evaluation. Simulation results demonstrate the overall methodology, validating the lumped damage approach and demonstrating real-time prognostics.

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model-based prognosis
Real-Time Prognostics
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Component-level PHM
Model-based methods for fault detection, diagnostics, and prognosis
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