Separated two-phase flow model of cryogenic loading operation

Dmitry G Luchinsky, Ekaterina Ponizovskaya-Devine, Michael Khasin, Dogan Timucin, Jared Sass, Jose Perotti, and Barbara Brown
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phmc_15_017.pdf1.07 MBMay 28, 2015 - 4:56pm

We present results of development of separated two-phase cryogenic flow model motivated by NASA plans to mature technology of autonomous cryogenic management on the ground and in space. The solution algorithm is based on the nearly-implicit scheme. We discuss the stability, speed, and accuracy of the algorithm in the context of applications to online
health management of cryogenic loading operation. We present the results of validation of the model by comparison with the experimental data obtained during chilldown of the horizontal transfer line obtained at National Bureau of Standards and at the cryogenic testbed in Kennedy Space Center. We demonstrate a good agreement of the model predictions
with the experimental data.

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cryogenic two-phase flow
nearly-implicit method
cryogenic loading operation
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Modeling and simulation
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