Fault diagnostics and evaluation in cryogenic loading system using optimization algorithm

Ekaterina Ponizovskaya-Devine, Dmitry G Luchinsky, Michael Khasin, Vasyl Hafiychuk, Dogan Timucin, Jared Sass, Jose Perotti, and Barbara Brown
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phmc_15_027.pdf656.69 KBAugust 20, 2015 - 2:41pm

Physics-based approach to the cryogenic flow health management
is presented. It is based on fast and time-accurate
physics models of the cryogenic flow in the transfer line. We
discuss main features one of these models โ€“ the homogeneous
moving front model โ€“ and presents results of its validation.
The main steps of the approach including fault detection,
identification, and evaluation are discussed. A few examples
of faults are presented and it is shown that dynamic features
of the faults natural fall within a few ambiguity groups. A
D-matrix approach to optimized identification of these faults
is briefly outlined. An example of discerning and evaluating
faults within one ambiguity group using optimization algorithm
is considered in more details. An application of this
approach to the Integrated Health Management of cryogenic
loading is discussed.

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Fault detection and isolation
cryogenic flow
two-phase model
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Model-based methods for fault detection, diagnostics, and prognosis
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