Analysis of Electrolytic Capacitor Degradation under Electrical Overstress for Prognostic Studies

Chetan S Kulkarni, Jason Renwick, and Jose Celaya
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Full Paper
phmc_15_047.pdf7.65 MBAugust 21, 2015 - 9:34am

The implementation of prognostics methodologies to electrical and electronics components and systems has become essential and critical as these systems find more prominance recently as they replace traditional systems in several critical applications. There are several challenges due to great variety of components used in a system, a continuous development of new electronics technologies, and a general lack of understanding of how electronics fail. Traditional reliability techniques in electronics tend to focus on understanding the time to failure for a batch of components of the same type. In this work we discuss degradation in electrolytic capacitors which are part of power supplies and are very crucial in their operation. We discuss our experimental setup and further present our findings related to the degradation observed in these capacitors under accelerated electrical ageing under different operating conditions.

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Electrolytic Capacitors
Degradation analysis
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Component-level PHM
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