A Systems Approach To PHM

Thomas Mooney
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The operational objectives of today’s complex, software intensive high technology platforms require a systems approach to PHM. A systems approach to PHM includes the complete techno-social system involved in the equipment’s operations and maintenance - its full cycle of care. It takes a broad view of health based on wellness and is focused on optimizing the performance of all elements of the system. It provides sustaining value by enabling enterprise wide enhancements in capability. By providing timely and relevant health information for all elements in the equipment cycle of care, a well-designed PHM system can become major facilitator in maximizing the performance and resilience of all elements in the system. This systems approach has major implications for PHM system design, architecture selection, data collection, sensor selection, control system software integration, algorithm development and analytics. PHM systems that encompass the health of the full socio-technical system in which the equipment is developed, operates and supported will maximize the effectiveness of the enterprise.

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Health management system design and engineering
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