Question about the PHM data challenge competition rule

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I am wondering if you can clarify the description of the rule.

Data section
1. In the “measurement per component” csv file, four control reference signals are given. I want to clarify whether given control reference signals are the “control signals” or “reference signals” in the block diagram.
2. In the “measurement per component” csv file, four sensor measurements and four control reference signals are given. It seems that a sensor measurement is only linked to a single control reference signal. For example, the 1st sensor measurement is only related with the 1st control reference signal, not with another control reference signals.
3. How can we distinguish the first half of the fault data from second half in testing plant-#c.csv file? I am not clear the boundary between the first half and the second half.
4. Would you please clarify the meaning of second half is “incomplete". An interpretation can be some of the log regarding is missing intentionally in the file, although I could not find any missing log in the second half.

Scoring section
1. In my understanding, it seems that there are no penalties for a fault that are incorrectly classified as a normal. I am wondering if there is penalty for this case.
2. It seems that the scoring rule regards the fault code 6 as a minor (or very trivial) fault. I am wondering if my understanding is correct.


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