Twin-Control: A New Concept Towards Machine Tool Health Management

Mikel Armendia, Flavien Peysson, and Dirk Euhus
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Europe is the world’s largest manufacturer of machine tools but this position is threatened by the emergence of Asian countries. However, Europe has world-class capabilities in the manufacture of high-value parts for such competitive sectors like aerospace & automotive and this has led to the creation of a high-technology, high-skill industry. European machine tool builders, part manufacturers and other agents have to work together to increase the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry.
Twin-Control is a new concept for machine tool and machining process performance optimization. It is based on a new simulation model that integrates the different aspects that affect machine tool and machining performance. This holistic approach will allow a better estimation of machining performance than single featured simulation packages, including lifecycle concepts like energy consumption and end-life of components.
This theoretical representation of the machine is complemented with real process data by the monitoring of the most important variables of the machining process and machine condition. This monitored information, combined with the developed models, is used at machine level to perform model-based control actions and/or warn about damaged components of the machine tool. In addition, a fleet-level data management system is used for a proper health management and optimize the maintenance actions on the machine tools.

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Machine tools
Big Data, Fleet Wide Monitoring
Condition Based Monitoring
Modeling and Simulation
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Health management system design and engineering
Industrial applications
Model-based methods for fault detection, diagnostics, and prognosis
Modeling and simulation
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