The backlash gap size estimation for electromechanical actuator in an operational behavior

Badr Mansouri, Jerome Piaton, and Alexandre Guyamier
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phmec_16_030.pdf126.27 KBJune 24, 2016 - 12:41am

More electric aircraft are lighter and more energy efficient than conventional aircraft. Hence, the design of electromechanical devices and its preventive maintenance strategies are in increasing need and challenge for flight control systems. One of the most significant mechanical parameter for aging is the backlash gap size. Hence, it presents a good indicator for failure detection, diagnosis and prognostic. In this work, an estimation method of this parameter is proposed for any electromechanical actuator (EMA); rotary or linear with roller screw or ball screw, used to actuate any flight control surface of the aircraft; flaps, ailerons…etc. This method presents a simple and easy technique for implementation in real time based on a Linear Kalman Filtering (LKF).

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Health management system design and engineering
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