Condition-based Maintenance: Determination of optimal deterioration levels to perform preventive activities by using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm

A. Goti and A. Sanchez
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phmec_16_047.pdf465.24 KBJune 10, 2016 - 3:09am

Several authors insist on the fact that maintenance is a key activity in the manufacturing industry, because of its economic consequences. Within maintenance, Condition-Based Maintenance programs can provide significant advantages to industrial plants. This paper is focused on the problem of Condition-Based Maintenance optimization in an industrial environment, with the objective of determining both the critical age level to perform preventive maintenance activities and the amount of preventive maintenance activities to be executed before upgrading or substituting components. For this purpose, a mathematical model that considers the evolution in quality and production speed along with condition based, corrective and preventive maintenance has been developed. The cost optimization process is performed using a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm. Both the model and the optimization approach are applied to an industrial case.

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Condition Based Maintenance
industrial case
genetic algorithms
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Industrial applications
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