A methodology for fast deployment of condition monitoring and generic services platform technological design

Santiago Fernandez, Christophe Mozzatti, and Aitor Arnaiz
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Maintenance is a research field that has recently been gaining importance in business and where the study and development of monitoring and predictive technologies has been very active, as the role of these technologies is key in enabling predict and prevent maintenance strategies. Moreover, by means of monitoring features of processes and components, an impact in lifecycle value can be achieved. However, challenges remain in structuring the condition monitoring offer and the technological platform due, in particular, to the variety of potential domains of application, the characteristics of the existing information and the final goals of the monitoring activities. These challenges may impact in the deployment time of a condition monitoring solution. In order to limit these challenges, a methodology for fast deployment of condition monitoring and a technological service platform is presented. The methodology has been obtained from research and analysis of several use cases in the context of product-service systems. The focus is on methodological and technological results, which are presented in a general manner such that they can be applicable to the deployment of condition monitoring and services in various domains. Finally, application of the methodology is presented in two different scenarios.

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Standards and methodologies
Systems and platform applications
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