Big data analytics in online structural health monitoring

Guowei Cai and Sankaran Mahadevan
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Special Issue Big Data and Analytics
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Full Paper
ijphm_16_024.pdf1.3 MBSeptember 19, 2016 - 5:41pm

This manuscript explores the application of big data analytics in online structural health monitoring. As smart sensor technology is making progress and low cost online monitoring is increasingly possible, large quantities of highly heterogeneous data can be acquired during the monitoring, thus exceeding the capacity of traditional data analytics techniques. This paper investigates big data techniques to handle the high-volume data obtained in structural health monitoring. In particular, we investigate the analysis of infrared thermal images for structural damage diagnosis. We explore the MapReduce technique to parallelize the data analytics and efficiently handle the high volume, high velocity and high variety of information. In our study, MapReduce is implemented with the Spark platform, and image processing functions such as uniform filter and Sobel filter are wrapped in the mappers. The methodology is illustrated with concrete slabs, using actual experimental data with induced damage.

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Big Data Analytics
structural health monitoring
Online Monitoring
non-destructive testing
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Structural health monitoring
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