Distributed Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Formation Control of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Actuator Faults

Mohsen Khalili, Xiaodong Zhang, and Yongcan Cao
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phmc_16_043.pdf336.42 KBAugust 26, 2016 - 6:30pm

This paper presents an adaptive fault-tolerant control (FTC) scheme for leader-follower formation of uncertain second-order mobile agents with actuator faults. A local FTC component is designed for each agent in the distributed system by using local measurements and suitable information exchanged between neighboring agents. Each local FTC component consists of a fault detection module and a reconfigurable controller module comprised of a baseline controller and an adaptive fault-tolerant controller activated after fault detection. Under certain assumptions, the closed-loop system stability and leader-follower formation properties of the distributed system are rigorously established under different modes of behavior of the FTC system. A simulation example is used to illustrate the effectiveness of the FTC method.

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fault-tolerant control; reconfigurable control; adaptive control; actuator fault; diagnosis; multi-agent systems
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Automated reconfiguration
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