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The flagship publication of the PHM Society is the open online journal, International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (ijPHM), publishing multidisciplinary research on Prognostics, Diagnostics, and System Health Management. In contrast to most other technical organizations, PHM Society has adopted a Creative Commons license policy towards its archival journal which allows authors to retain copyright while allowing the Society to distribute their work broadly through modern media. Papers published in ijPHM are available for download to everyone, everywhere, without restriction, and at no cost.

ijPHM is focused on promoting the exchange of innovative ideas and advancing PHM as a scientific discipline. ijPHM is dedicated to providing a very short publication cycle (papers are reviewed within 4-6 weeks of initial submission) This pace is much faster than what is possible with traditional print media, allowing results from PHM research and application to be broadly disseminated while they are most relevant, promoting rapid progress in the field. However, this fast pace does not diminish the level of scientific rigor required for publication – each article will be subjected to peer review by at least three independent scientists with established track records in the field.

Because ijPHM is an online publication, it is free of the limitations of print media. The length of regular journal articles is unrestricted, placing no arbitrary limit on the number of pages necessary to describe and interpret the work clearly in the context of other research. The use of color in figures (where appropriate) and color photographs are encouraged. Raw or processed experimental data and video that elegantly illustrates specific, relevant scientific aspects of the paper may be attached to the publication. Papers may also include hot links that link to web sites, other publications, attachments, and to other sections of the same document. Looking ahead, we are also considering unconventional ideas such as “living articles” that can be revised and expanded over time, on-demand printing of customized volumes, and allowing public discussion threads for published papers.

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