Unobtrusive Software and System Health Management with R2U2 on a parallel MIMD Coprocessor

Johann Schumann and Patrick Moosbrugger
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phmc_17_059.pdf382.04 KBSeptember 6, 2017 - 4:20pm

Dynamic monitoring of software and system health of a complex cyber-physical system requires observers that continuously monitor variables of the embedded software in order to detect anomalies and reason about their root causes. There exists a variety of techniques for code instrumentation, but instrumentation might change runtime behavior and could require costly software re-certification.
In this paper, we present R2U2/E, a novel realization of our real-time, Realizable, Responsive, and Unobtrusive Unit (R2U2). The R2U2/E observers are executed in parallel on a dedicated 16 or 64 core EPIPHANY co-processor, thereby avoiding additional computational overhead to the system under observation. A DMA-based shared memory access architecture allows R2U2/E to operate without any code instrumentation or program interference.

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software health management
Runtime verification
Subsystem Health Monitoring
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Health management system design and engineering
Software health management
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