An Introduction to IVHM Short Course, Cranfield University, March 2010

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From this course you will learn how IVHM is changing vehicle design in aerospace and other sectors and how it can benefit your company. Integrated Vehicle Health
Management (IVHM) is developing rapidly and can transform organisations
manufacturing and operating aircraft, land vehicles and marine craft.

Cranfield University in partnership with major industry partners (Boeing, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Meggitt, Thales, MoD) and EEDA launched the IVHM Centre at Cranfield in 2008. The Centre’s mission is, as a global leader in IVHM, to enable the incorporation of IVHM technology into businesses to realise benefits in business productivity, environmental impact, and vehicle performance. This course provides an introduction to this significant area of technology. Staff and partners of the Centre play a leading role in the course.

The course is targeted at engineers who need an overview of this rapidly developing field and managers responsible for introducing new technology or developing new businesses exploiting IVHM.

The course gives delegates an overview of IVHM technology and its role in business.

IVHM is discussed as relevant to all industry sectors, drawing widely on Cranfield’s heritage in the aerospace industry. Particular features of the course are:

•Understanding of the impact of IVHM on business models and processes.
•A system engineering approach explains the context in which individual technologies are applied to enable full exploitation of opportunities.
•Summary of individual IVHM technologies, e.g. structural health monitoring, prognostics,FDIR.
•Appreciation of current approaches in IVHM as used by leading practitioners.
•Case studies of IVHM applications.

For more information, see the flyer attached. If you would like to register, please follow the instructions on the flyer.

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