AI Scientist, Vehicle Health

Date Posted: 
June 1, 2018

The next generation computing platform will be the autonomous driving electric vehicle. With data from in-car sensors, a mobile internet connected car, increased computing power, and new user interfaces that support a seamless autonomous driving experience, they will dramatically improve our lives. After home and work, the car is where we spend the most time, and we will be working on making that experience pleasurable. NIO is much more than a car company. We are developing highly performance-optimized electric cars that will help reduce pollution and mitigate global warming, along with autonomous driving capability that will give time back to the drivers.

Onboard Vehicle Health Monitoring is a key function for making the autonomous driving function safe to operate. Building this is an important part of the project that requires knowledge of Vehicle systems and their Dynamics, System Identification, Machine Learning, and various other technologies. The AI team will play a critical role in achieving this by working with all the subsystems from vehicle engineering, powertrain, and autonomous driving, and building this function. We are looking for an exceptional AI scientist to join our team to work on this core problem area.


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