PHM19 education and professional development panel on developing the PHM Taxonomy

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jeff bird
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Here are some slides to guide you filling in for us- many thanks- sorry not to be there.
The idea is to
a) Review our concept and use of a taxonomy for the PHM discipline
b) Define the content of one for three of the domains in a small group format using most of the workshop:
a. 10 minute intro with these slides
b. 15 minutes to discuss taxonomy concept and set up groups
c. 35 minute small group work on selected domains (appropriate to the attendees)
i. We did analytics, test and development and cost benefit analysis last time
d. 20 minute to report out and discuss
e. 10 minute way forward –
i. working group, forums to promulgate the results, use in courses

Come and work on this with us at the conference on Thursday morning - or volunteer to help going forward

PHM Society- Education and Professional Development Workshop Scottsdale 2019.pdf636.6 KBSeptember 25, 2019 - 6:40am
ijPHM Comm education and Professional Development Bird, Madge Reichard v4.pdf312.15 KBSeptember 25, 2019 - 6:42am

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