A Maturation Environment to Develop and Manage Health Monitoring Algorithms

Jérôme Lacaille
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phmc_09_54.pdf1.2 MBSeptember 18, 2009 - 7:03am

As the business model for selling jet engines evolves, it becomes useful to propose new systems that help the maintenance support and event monitoring. Automatic diagnosis techniques that are already well applied in other domains, such as manufacturing, chemistry, etc. may be useful in aerospace industry. There is not only a need to conceive new mathematical solutions but also to be able to manage them in time; to improve their efficiency as new data come. Every aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer or MRO feel this need today. This document will give a presentation of a solution for the management of HM (Health Monitoring) algorithms. The innovation process is stimulated by long-term research in university labs. The new ideas are converted to applications and codes that need to be installed in a generic framework for test and validation purposes. The maturation environment that we define here manages the ideas from the need definition to the validation of new incoming tools. Hence the development programs are able to know which are the pending innovations, understand their maturity levels and even look at the validation results. The marketing people may also anticipate the evolution of each tool to prepare the market and the business model.

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aircraft engines
applications: aviation
verification and validation
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