Data Mining for Service and Maintenance - a workshop in conjunction with KDD 2011 (August 21, 2011)

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The purpose of this multi-disciplinary workshop is to bring together industry experts and researchers from data mining, machine learning, text analysis and signal processing who share an interest in problems and applications of system service and maintenance. We believe that this is an important application domain for KDD, and will continue to organize this workshop in future KDD conferences if there is enough interest. The goal will be to formulate the relevant research questions and bridge the gap between data mining research and industry needs in this important field.
We plan to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, identification of important and challenging applications, and discovery of possible synergies. The difference between service and maintenance will be highlighted in multiple industries. It is our hope that this will spur vigorous discussions and encourage collaboration between the various disciplines, potentially resulting in collaborative projects. We will particularly emphasize the mathematical and engineering aspects of service data analysis.

We will try to address many of these topics through both invited and contributed talks. The workshop program will consist of presentations by invited speakers of both industry and academia, and by authors of extended abstracts submitted to the workshop. In addition, there will be a slot for a panel discussion to identify important problems, applications, and synergies between the two disciplines.

Please see the workshop website for more details.

Workshop Program Committee

Qi An - Boston Scientifc Corporation
Santanu Das - NASA Ames Research Center
Yanting Dong - Boston Scientific Corporation
Neil Eklund - GE Global Research
Ya'ara Goldschmidt - IBM
Johan de Kleer - Palo Alto Research Center
Balaji Krishnapuram - Siemens Healthcare
Jim Schimert - Boeing Research & Technology
Weizhong Yan - GE Global Research

Workshop Organizers

Shipeng Yu - Siemens Healthcare
Ya Xue - GE Global Research
Dragos Margineantu - Boeing Research & Technology
Nikunj C. Oza - NASA Ames Research Center
R. Bharat Rao - Siemens Healthcare
Michal Rosen-Zvi - IBM Research Haifa


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