Postdoc Scientist

SGT (NASA Ames Research Center)
Date Posted: 
February 5, 2012
[email protected]

Work performed for this Research Scientist position will explore different methods to predict remaining life of components, subsystems, and systems within the aerospace domain. To that end, physics-based models of the component in question will be designed as well as models of the degradation mechanisms. These will be used in conjunction with appropriate algorithms (such as โ€“ but not constrained to โ€“ Particle Filters, Kalman Filters, and similar) to assess the health of a component and predict the remaining life conditional on anticipated future load and future environmental conditions. Methods to express uncertainty of the remaining life estimation that stems from different sources will be investigated and expressed.

In addition, methods to mitigate faults will be explored where the health state is used as input to extend life and preserve primary mission goals. Depending on the prognostic horizon, the type of mitigation will be either at the machine level controller, at the system level, at the planning and scheduling level, or at the logistics level. The developed solutions will be integrated and demonstrated in real-world testbeds such as cryogenic propellant testbeds, rovers, or UAVs. In addition, the work will explore how to advance verification and validation for health management. It is anticipated that most work will be published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


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