An Intelligent Fleet Condition-Based Maintenance Decision Making Method Based on Multi-Agent

Qiang Feng, Songjie Li, and Bo Sun
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Technical Brief
ijphm_12_012.pdf583.26 KBJuly 2, 2013 - 10:57am

According to the demand for condition-based maintenance online decision making among a mission oriented fleet, an intelligent maintenance decision making method based on Multi-agent and heuristic rules is proposed. The process of condition-based maintenance within an aircraft fleet (each containing one or more Line Replaceable Modules) based on multiple maintenance thresholds is analyzed. Then the process is abstracted into a Multi-Agent Model, a 2-layer model structure containing host negotiation and independent negotiation is established, and the heuristic rules applied to global and local maintenance decision making is proposed. Based on Contract Net Protocol and the heuristic rules, the maintenance decision making algorithm is put forward. Finally, a fleet consisting of 10 aircrafts on a 3-wave continuous mission is illustrated to verify this method. Simulation results indicate that this method can improve the availability of the fleet, meet mission demands, rationalize the utilization of support resources and provide support for online maintenance decision making among a mission oriented fleet.

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fleet-level optimization
condition based maintenance (CBM)
decision making
multi-agent system
heuristic rule
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CBM and informed logistics
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