Date: Monday, September 23, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:05 PM (Tentative)

This heavily discussion-based event will feature panel presentations and discussions from industry, government, and academia operating/focused in advancing monitoring, diagnostic, and prognostic (collectively known as prognostic and health management (PHM)) capabilities within manufacturing operations with a specific emphasis on how PHM technologies are evaluated. Participants (and expected audience members) will offer a diverse cross-section of technology developers, integrators, end-users/manufacturers (from small to large), and researchers to discuss what is working well, common challenges that need to be addressed, where the community’s priorities should be focused, and how technological adoption can be sped in a cost-effective manner.

It is envisioned that this event will be documented in a resultant report that will present the best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and needs in measuring, verifying, and validating PHM technologies applicable to or active in manufacturing.


  • Hear from other industry professionals (including personnel from large and small manufacturers) about their challenges, needs, and best practices to measure the performance of monitoring, diagnostic, and prognostic technologies
  • Understand what technologies are actively being developed and integrated to enhance your ability measure monitoring, diagnostic, and prognostic solutions
  • Learn the latest measurement techniques that can be applied within your own manufacturing environments
  • Builds upon the success of the 2018 Industry Forum: Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Prognostics for Manufacturing Operations that was documented in a publicly-available report.

The sessions will be organized in the areas of:

  • Large Manufacturing - Challenges, Needs, and Best Practices to Verify and Validate PHM Technologies
  • Small Manufacturing - Challenges, Needs, and Best Practices to Verify and Validate PHM Technologies
  • Technology Development & Integration - Emergent PHM and the Capabilities that must be Assessed
  • Measurement and Evaluation Research - Developing Independent V&V of PHM
  • Assessment of different Industrial AI techniques for PHM

The expected format will include an introductory presentation followed by panel sessions (with a strong emphasis on speaker and audience interaction) that will be dominated with discussion centered around the topics above and driven by the audience (seed questions will be generated ahead of time and asked during the workshop, depending upon crowd engagement).


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