A Data-Driven Framework for Team Formation for Maintenance Tasks

Maya Reslan, Emily Hastings, Michael P. Brundage, and Thurston Sexton
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Technical Brief
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Even as maintenance evolves with new technologies, it is still a heavily human-driven domain; multiple steps in the maintenance workflow still require human expertise and intervention. Various maintenance activities require multiple maintainers, all with different skill sets and expertise, and from various positions and levels within the organization. Responding to maintenance requests, training exercises, or executing larger maintenance projects all can require maintenance teams. Having the correct assortment of individuals both in terms of skills and management experience can help improve the efficiency of these maintenance tasks. This paper presents a workflow for creating teams of maintainers by adapting accepted practices from the human-computer interaction (HCI) community. These steps provide a low-cost solution to help account for the needs of maintainers and their management, while matching skills of the maintainers with the needs of the activity.

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Team Formation
Maintenance Workflow
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Standards and methodologies
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