Overcoming Non-Discernibility through Mode-Sequence Analytic Redundancy Relations in Hybrid Diagnosis and Estimation

Michael W. Hofbaur, Louise Travé-Massuyès, Theresa Rienmüller, and Mehdi Bayoudh
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phmc_10_086.pdf538.02 KBSeptember 21, 2010 - 11:47pm

Estimating the mode of operation of a hybrid system
means to account for its interleaved continuous
and discrete dynamics from a partial set of
observations. The quality of the estimation obviously
depends on the level of diagnosability of
the system, which has been showed to depend on
the discrete and the continuous observations as
a whole. The case of two modes showing very
similar, if not the same, continuous dynamic input/
output behavior is critical when the discrete
events do not allow discrimination. In this case,
these modes, so called non-discernible modes,
are accepted to be not discriminable. This paper
introduces the novel concept of Mode-Sequence
Analytic Redundancy Relation which is shown to
achieve discriminability of such non-discernible
modes in many cases. A focusing test based on
mode-sequence ARRs is then proposed to improve
hybrid state estimation.

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