A Component-Based Framework for Integrating Design and Diagnosis

Gregory Provan
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Science Foundation Ireland
phmc_10_093.pdf196.92 KBSeptember 27, 2010 - 5:46am

Two key impediments for the commercial success of model-based diagnosis (MBD) include (a) a lack of component libraries for more cheaply and efficiently building MBD models, and (b) a failure to integrate the development of embedded MBD code within the design process. This article addresses both of these impediments by providing a formal framework that integrates component-based design with MBD modeling. The proposed framework extends the consistency-based theory of MBD with a component-based design theory based on contracts. The contributions of the article are as follows:
(1) We generalize the consistency-based theory of MBD to a contract-based theory that enables design models, with their requirements, to be integrated with an MBD model;
(2) We show how we can use the existing MBD inference to compute not only faults, but also operating-condition violations, and thereby rule out faults based on incorrect component inputs.

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model-based methods
PHM system design and engineering
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