Efficient Drive-Based Analysis of Fault Detection Measures in Safety-Related Pneumatic Systems

Andreas Barner, Jan Bredau, and Frank Schiller
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phmc_10_111.pdf503.54 KBJune 28, 2010 - 1:33am

The focus of this research is on safety-related open-loop controlled pneumatic systems. The top events of those fault trees (FT) would represent functional failures of the system at the highest level of the design. By monitoring the top event of FT by means of signal-based diagnostic methods, each possible failure within the system becomes potentially detectable. This property is deployed explicitly in the proposed approach regarding pneumatic systems. Thus, the system under control is encapsulated, and comprehensive fault detection up to a Diagnostic Coverage of greater than 99% is achievable with tremendously less effort compared to conventional solutions. In this way, a layered system model including a safety-layer similar to current safety-related solutions to fail-safe communication and data processing has been established.

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Pneumatic Systems
Fault Tree
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