Synthesis of a distributed and accurate diagnoser

Priscilla Kan John, Alban Grastien, and Yannick Pencolé
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phmc_10_113.pdf225.69 KBSeptember 21, 2010 - 10:31pm

The complex behaviour of large discrete event systems makes such systems difficult to diagnose. Using decentralised techniques helps limit combinatorial explosion but is not sufficient. Often, the complexity of the diagnosis is dependent on how components in the system are connected and the number of connections between them. We propose to augment a decentralised junction tree-based approach by ignoring some connections on the system. This helps reduce the complexity, and hence the cost, of the diagnostic reasoning required. However accuracy of the diagnosis is also reduced. We get around this problem by performing an off-line analysis to determine which connections can be safely ignored.

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model-based methods
fault diagnosis
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