A Structural Algorithm for Finding Testable Sub-models and Multiple Fault Isolability Analysis

Mattias Krysander, Jan Åslund, and Erik Frisk
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phmc_10_090.pdf384.19 KBSeptember 20, 2010 - 7:12am

Structural methods have previously been used to perform isolability
analysis and finding testable sub-models, so called Minimal
Structurally Overdetermined (MSO) sets or Analytical Redundancy
Relations (ARR). The number of MSO sets is exponential in the degree
of redundancy making the task of computing MSO sets intractable for
systems with high degree of redundancy. This paper describes an
efficient graph-theoretical algorithm for computing only the testable
sub-models where each model is influenced by different subsets of
faults and these models are called Test Equation Supports (TES). By
searching for TESs instead of MSOs the search tree can be pruned,
reducing both the computational complexity and the number of resulting
models. Furthermore, it is shown that the TESs in a direct way
characterizes the complete multiple fault isolability of a model, thus
extending previous structural approaches from the single-fault case.

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fault isolation
diagnosability analysis
multiple faults
structural analysis
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