Contract-based Diagnosis for Business Process Instances using Business Compliance Rules

Diana Borrego, Rafael M. Gasca, María T. Gómez-López, and Luisa Parody
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phmc_10_115.pdf214.74 KBSeptember 22, 2010 - 12:39am

In order to increase the quality of business processes when they are automated, the correctness of the activities can be checked by means of an analysis of the corresponding business compliance rules. By analyzing the trace of an instance
of a business process, it is possible to detect the correctness of the process and to determine which activity is faulty. We propose the establishment of relationships between a set of business compliance rules and each activity or set of activities, that therefore function as contracts which each activity must satisfy throughout the dataflow.
In order to diagnose a business process instance, not all the activities participate in every single execution, since there are control flows that permit
the execution of several branches for a varied number of times. We propose to automate the diagnosis of these executions of a business process taking into account the involved activities and their business compliance rules. Our main contributions are related to the construction of the corresponding framework using several techniques related to the constraint programming paradigm to obtain the incorrect activities. The two different proposals consider the tradeoff between the obtaining of the minimal diagnosis and the performance.

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Model-based diagnosis
Constraint programming
Business rules
Minimal unsatisfiable subset
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