Distributed Consistency-Based Diagnosis without Behavior

Gianfranco Lamperti and Marina Zanella
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phmc_10_101.pdf145.51 KBSeptember 20, 2010 - 3:03am

This paper faces the task of distributed diagnosis
without exploiting any component behavioral
model. A diagnosis problem is specified by an
observation that just states whether each system
output is either correct or incorrect. The system is
split into parts, and a distinct diagnoser, which is
supplied with knowledge that has been compiled
off-line and is capable of communicating with its
neighbors, is assigned to each of them. A family
of methods is proposed to compute local and
global minimal diagnoses that are consistent with
both the observation and the system description,
the latter being a kind of control flow structure.
A preliminary investigation of the relationships
between the presented approach and the well known
task of consistency-based diagnosis is undertaken.

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consistency-based diagnosis
distributed diagnosis
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