Fault diagnosis in databases for business processes

Maria Teresa Gomez-Lopez and Rafael M. Gasca
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phmc_10_122.pdf178.25 KBSeptember 20, 2010 - 6:52am

Business processes involve data that can be modified or
updated by various activities. These data must satisfy the
business rules associated to the process. As the information
treated in a business process tends to be extensive, data are
normally stored in a relational database, and hence the database
has to be analysed to determine whether the business rules are
satisfied and what values are incorrect. This paper proposes the
use of model-based diagnosis in the business processes scenario.
This scenario combines business processes, business rules,
relational databases and where the faults are the instances of the
variables introduced by the users. These considerations make it
necessary to introduce a new way for representing the model, and
the design of new algorithms to solve it. This model provides a
means for the detection of incorrect tuples of different tables of
the database by avoiding the analysis of the full database.
Furthermore, in order to manage the current business rules, the
use of a constraint paradigm is proposed and by using Max-CSPs to
isolate incorrect values.

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Model-based diagnosis
business processes
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