Diagnosis of Autosub 6000 using Automatically Generated Software Models

Juhan Ernits, Richard Dearden, Miles Pebody, and James Guggenheim
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phmc_10_128.pdf296.22 KBSeptember 20, 2010 - 11:34pm

Modern systems frequently consist of a complex mixture of hardware and
software. Model-based diagnosis typically assumes that the effects of
the software can be summarised by the commands sent to the hardware
and thus the software can be left out of the model. In our work
building a diagnosis system for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
we have an example where this is not the case---commands sent to the
hardware are not all available to the diagnosis system for a variety
of reasons. In addition, the software controlling the AUV, the {\em
mission script} is frequently completely changed from one mission to
the next. Taking advantage of the fact that the mission script has a
relatively simple structure that does not include loops we show that a
diagnosis model of the mission script can be generated automatically
that integrates with the model of the physical hardware. We show that
this model allows us to diagnose faults that cannot be detected from
the hardware model alone.

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Model-based diagnosis
consistency-based diagnosis
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