Simulation Framework and Certification Guidance for Condition Monitoring and Prognostic Health Management

Matthias Buderath and Partha Pratim Adhikari
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Full Paper
phmce_12_016.pdf817.21 KBJune 12, 2012 - 12:59am

The most prominent challenges to the successful qualification of Integrated System Health Monitoring (ISHM) systems are appropriate technology development processes and Validation & Verification methods towards certification. This paper outlines a survey of recent ISHM programs in diverse industrial sectors across the globe, offers guideline towards ISHM development at each Technology Readiness Level (TRL), and sets forth a Validation & Verification process and certification roadmap. This paper provides insight into Cassidian’s ISHM Simulation framework and emphasizes the relevance of this framework to an effective Validation & Verification solution of ISHM. Furthermore, the paper will discuss existing and evolving guidelines for ISHM Certification.

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Validation and Verification
Condition Based Maintenance
Health Management System
Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis
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CBM and informed logistics
Health management system design and engineering
Modeling and simulation
Standards and methodologies
Systems and platform applications
Technology maturation
Verification and validation
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