Maintenance Planning with Prognostics for Systems Located In Various Places

F. Camci, M. Sevkli, M. Karakas, and I. Jennions
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phmc_12_116.pdf168.62 KBSeptember 28, 2012 - 12:09am

Predictive maintenance has been attracting researchers and industry in recent years, since maintenance and repair of assets is one of the most contributing factors of operating & support cost. Predictive maintenance proposes to maintain the assets only when necessary aiming to reduce the unnecessary repair and maintenance by monitoring the health of the assets. The expected time of the failure is estimated by analyzing the monitored signals and remaining useful life of the asset before failure is used to plan, get prepared and perform the maintenance. When one team is responsible for maintenance of systems that are located in various places, the travel time between these systems should also be incorporated in the maintenance planning. Off shore wind farms and railway switches are two examples of these systems. This paper presents formulation of the problem that incorporates travel times between systems and prognostics information obtained from each system.

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Maintenance planning
Maintenance Scheduling
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CBM and informed logistics
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