Failure Prognostics of a Hydraulic Pump Using Kalman Filter

João P. P. Gomes, Bruno P. Leão, Wlamir O. L. Vianna, Roberto K. H. Galvão, and Takashi Yoneyama
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Full Paper
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Projetos (FINEP), FAPESP (grant 2011/17610-0) and CNPq
phmc_12_054.pdf254.38 KBSeptember 25, 2012 - 8:11am

Hydraulic systems are an important power source in modern aircraft. Most aircraft employ hydraulic power for flight control systems and landing gears actuation. Pumps are a critical component in hydraulic system and monitoring the health of such components may provide economic and operational benefits to aircraft operators. This work describes the use of Kalman Filter techniques for the estimation of remaining useful life of aircraft hydraulic pumps. An empirical model of degradation evolution is employed for this purpose. Low sampling rate measurements of the hydraulic pressure of the aircraft hydraulic systems are the only measurements employed. In order to illustrate and validate the method, two time series of actual run to failure data are analyzed. Results provide evidence that the method can be successfully employed for actual aircraft hydraulic pump failure prognosis

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Kalman Filter
failure prognostics
hydraulic pump
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Industrial applications
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