Markov Modeling of Component Fault Growth Over A Derived Domain of Feasible Output Control Effort Modifications

Brian Bole, Kai Goebel, and George Vachtsevanos
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Full Paper
phmc_12_118.pdf318.67 KBAugust 28, 2012 - 4:34pm

This paper introduces a novel Markov process formulation of stochastic fault growth modeling, in order to facilitate the development and analysis of prognostics-based control adaptation. A metric representing the relative deviation between the nominal output of a system and the net output that is actually enacted by an implemented prognostics-based control routine, will be used to define the action space of the formulated Markov process. The state space of the Markov process will be defined in terms of an abstracted metric representing the relative health remaining in each of the system's components. The proposed formulation of component fault dynamics will conveniently relate feasible system output performance modifications to predictions of future component health deterioration.

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Load Allocation
Markov Modeling
Fault Growth Prognosis
Degradation of Nominal Performance
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Automated reconfiguration
Health management system design and engineering
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