Structural Health Monitoring on Metallic Aircrafts Using Flexible and Bulk PZT Transducers: Case of Corrosion Detection and Crack Localization

Hamza BOUKABACHE, Christophe Escriba, Sabeha Zedek, and Jean yves Fourniols
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Full Paper
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French national center for scientific research, Airbus FRANCE
phmc_12_121.pdf2.58 MBSeptember 18, 2012 - 11:27pm

This work focus on the structural health monitoring of aircrafts parts specimen structures made of 2024 Aluminum alloys. In this paper we demonstrate the feasibility of a new non destructive control method capable to probe very large structures within a short time. The method we developed is based through a wide piezoelectric sensors network on a smart comparison between two acoustic signatures: the healthy structure response captured before the commissioning of the plane and “an after flight” response. The sensors network exploits the capability of piezoelectric patches to generate/measure specific Lamb wave’s modes. The system is therefore dynamically configured to localize mechanicals flaws using an algorithm that operates using different techniques like pitch-catch and pulse-echo.

An analytic study is performed and tests to prove the proposed method feasibility on corroded structures specimens are provided at the end of this paper.

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piezoelectric sensor
lamb waves
aluminum 2024
crack detection
flexible sensor
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Structural health monitoring
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