Condition-Based Maintenance with Both Perfect and Imperfect Maintenance Actions

Phuc Do Van, Alexandre Voisin, Eric Levrat, and Benoit Iung
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phmc_12_125.pdf124.92 KBSeptember 19, 2012 - 2:32am

This paper deals with a condition-based maintenance (CBM) model considering both perfect and imperfect maintenance actions for a deteriorating system whose condition is aperiodically monitored according to a remaining useful life (RUL) based-inspection policy. Perfect maintenance actions restore completely the system to the 'as good as new' state. Their related cost are however often high. Imperfect preventive maintenance restores partially the system with reduced maintenance cost. Nevertheless, it may however make the system more susceptible to future deterioration. The aim of the paper is to propose a CBM model which can help to construct optimal maintenance policies when both perfect and imperfect maintenance actions are possible. To illustrate the use of the proposed CBM model, a numerical example finally is introduced.

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imperfect maintenance
condition based maintenance (CBM)
Degradation Model
remaining useful life (RUL)
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CBM and informed logistics
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